I’m not very good at closure, am I?

24 12 2009

I kept intending to get back on here and post a little bit about the last day or so in Guatemala.  Or maybe at least let everyone know I survived.  However, it didn’t happen … what a surprise.

I just now had a “cyber-friend” ask for an update on how I’m doing, though, and I decided to actually follow through on letting you know about my getting a job.  I’d been meaning to do this, but who knows if I ever would have!  I’m mainly going to post an email that I sent to some friends last week.


I quit my last job in March because my grades were threatening to drop seriously, and I hoped to have an opportunity to travel.  That did happen, but almost my only income since then has been my second trip in September through October, and I have been getting desperate.  I looked a lot during the summer for a job, but nothing materialized.  (I figured out why when I was able to make the mission trip.)

Since getting back, I simply have not felt like sending in applications like I was.  I couldn’t explain why at all (besides laziness).  I sent in a few, with no response.  And I applied for a data entry job with the Post Office, although I really didn’t want it.  It offered a decent per-hour wage, but (1) it was temporary, (2) it was probably a night shift, and (3) it was going to be detestably boring.  But I impulsively did it in early November, and was jumping through the necessary hoops.  After I passed the first assessment, they wanted me to take another.  I decided I might as well.  It was proctored at an adult learning center.  I had contacted them about volunteering a year or two ago, but they said they didn’t need me – Today a lady working there couldn’t imagine who had told me that or why.

Since I was up there again, I stopped at the front desk on the way out and asked about volunteering opportunities again, thinking they might have some sort of handout.  The receptionist went back and got the assistant director to talk to me.  After asking a little about my educational background, she said, “Since you just graduated, you’re probably still looking for a job?”  Somehow I knew where she was going even before she got that far.  She said that the lady who has worked there as receptionist for the last 10-12 years is retiring (this week), and they were looking for a replacement to start next week.  They hadn’t advertised the job in the newspaper because they didn’t want a flood of resumes.  So she took me over to talk to the business director, and he said I was his first interview, and could I email him my resume.

It felt absolutely right … like when I applied for the scholarship to study in Bolivia.  I was sure I would find out by the end of the week, because they wanted someone to start this week.  And then they didn’t contact me.

But after riding the roller coaster down, it started back up … they emailed me yesterday, called me in to meet another director today, and I am starting tomorrow!  The job is exactly what I want.  I’m going to be somewhat involved in education.  (I’m sure I can do some tutoring as a volunteer if I want.)  They want someone who can speak Spanish, because they have a lot of non-English-speaking clients.  I love the front desk position where I’m directly helping people.  It leaves my afternoons free after 2:30, so I can continue giving piano and Spanish lessons.  It is a non-profit organization.  I had been asking myself in recent weeks why I didn’t try applying at a place whose mission I believe in, instead of trying to find any random business that needed my skills and paid well.  I just didn’t know where to look.  Thankfully, it came looking for me!

I am just amazed at how it came about – my randomly applying for a job I wasn’t interested in, and that taking me up to this place in the window of time where they were getting serious about finding a replacement.  And even the inexplicable rejection a year or two ago, which left me still curious when I happened to be up there just now.

At any rate, it has come just when I needed it to.  I think I will be able now to go ahead and pick up an accounting class at WSU this spring, which I had all but given up on.


So … I have put in three days on that job, and it really is wonderful.  The atmosphere is one of a “big, happy family.”  They’re ready to use any and all of my strengths, it seems, and I just want to thank the Lord for working this out.

Have a very Merry Christmas!