Name Change Coming Up – Not

27 08 2009

As mentioned, I don’t know how many folks are out there listening.  But if you follow this blog, and I don’t have your email address or some other way of notifying you, this is for your information.  As mentioned in the post below, my next adventure is scheduled for Guatemala.  I don’t think that “Notes from Bolivia” is a very reasonable name for the chronicles of such an adventure.  So I intend to change the name, and domain name, to  That currently does not exist.  (Please don’t take it or something before I make the change this weekend!)

I have no idea how I’m going to do this, and it does not appear immediately obvious to me.  All the same, after giving any anonymous readers fair warning, I’m planning to change the domain Saturday night.  I think I’m gonna have to ask for help, but anyway!  Just a heads up, if it matters to you.

Edited To Add: There are better bloggers than I am.  I messed this up … so we’re gonna stick with the same website address; I just changed the title at the top of the page.  Also, if you didn’t notice, the pictures are real pictures taken by yours truly while in Bolivia, instead of the random ones from before I went.




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