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9 06 2009

I got this email from a great-aunt … so here are some quick answers.

For what purpose is your trip there – – to become more familiar with the Spanish language from that native culture,
or do you plan to teach Spanish is one of those S. American locations ? 
Wow, what a great question!  I wish I knew the answer! 😉 Just kidding.  My purpose here, the best I can see and interpret, is to practice and polish my Spanish language skills.  I really don’t plan to teach Spanish in a classroom setting.  Coming from a homeschooling background, that is just antipathetic to me.  I’ve taken a couple of classes on teaching Spanish, and enjoyed the practicums, but I can’t quite buy into it yet. 
I really can’t say that I know what my purpose here is right now.  I just know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that God has led me here, and that He does have some purpose.  The local people want to see me be a missionary in Bolivia.  Personally, I found my heart drawn to trying to help some of the little children who are suffering.  But I am just waiting, watching, and praying about what the real purpose is in all this.  I can’t see the next step right now; I was just talking to Gumy about this on the telephone. 
Looks like your trips have covered a pretty good section of Southern Bolivia.
Is Titicaca Lake in Bolivia or Peru ?
The answer to that question is “Yes.”  Lake Titicaca crosses the border between the two countries.  I don’t believe that I will be crossing the border, though.  I really don’t feel like I have seen much of Bolivia at all.  Just little bits of the parts here in the mountains, and even the La Paz area is a lot like that, as I understand.  Bolivia has as much geographical diversity as about anywhere in the world; they tell you that you need a year to really get to know Bolivia.
Do you have the liberty to go across the border into Brazil without a permit?
No, I would have had to get a visa to go into Brazil.  And since the US has started charging for tourist visas from South American countries, a lot of them have the policy of “reciprocity” and are charging us in return.  It would have cost me another $140, I think, to go into Brazil.  And if you think about it, with the earning power in these countries being so much less than in the US, it wouldn’t have hit me nearly as hard as if someone from here wants to visit the US.  They tell us that it is nearly impossible for someone from Bolivia to get even a tourist visa there.  Our professor Marcelo has studied in Italy, but has little hope of visiting the US. 
Thanks for the questions!



2 responses

10 06 2009
Amber Rogers

Hey you! 🙂 I’ve just been able to read all your latest updates. I wasnt able to read them very good like I wanted to but I was able to at least hear whats going on. 🙂 Im so glad you’re having such a good time!!! We miss you and will be glad to have you home again but I am happy you’re enjoying yourself!! We love you bunches and Im sure Aaron would say hello! 🙂

10 06 2009
Amber Rogers

Hey if you get a chance to email my phone again DO SO!!! I really enjoyed that. see ya~ Sis

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