19 05 2009

Well, I don’t know how much I’ll have time for right now, but let’s try this quickly.  I wish I could tell about every single thing that was happening, but I just don’t have the time, so I will try to share some special moments with you.

Last night, we had been given the grand tour of the city, and it was almost dark when it ended.  Since we’re responsible for our own supper, five of us went together to get something.  (Three of us were the scholarship people, and two have already been here a while and knew a little about what was going on.)  We all agreed that we wanted something authentic (whatever that is), so we didn’t stop at the pizza or sandwich shops.  In fact, we kept going until we reached el mercado de campesinos (the farmer’s market).  Personally, I think that was kinda stupid, and I expected to suffer for it, but none of us had any ill effects … and the food was really good!  (To know why it was stupid you would have to see the farmers’ market, without any hand-washing facilities.  Unfortunately, I didn’t even think to take any pictures.)

But what I wanted to tell you about was later on, while we were standing on the street in front of a shop, conferring over our maps about where our respective houses were.  This little four- or five-year-old girl was coming up along the crowded sidewalk, her right hand firmly grasped in her mother’s.  As she neared me, she looked up and said loudly, “¡Hola!”   I said, “¡Hola!”  Then she reached up with her free hand and grabbed mine, and would have hung onto it, except her mother, smiling at me, pulled her on past, and she disappeared.

Yeah, sure, I know.  She took one look and thought I was a freak from a circus show.  I really don’t care.




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